My Bedroom

I’ve always been drawn to spaces and room decor. I am someone that is internally very affected by my physical environment. If the space around me is not organized or feels off, I feel un-organized as well. I always take care to not only clean up the space around me, but fill it with things that I find beautiful and hopefully, others will too. When making decisions about what to put in my room and where to put it, I always just take into consideration what I think looks best, what looks most balanced, and what is the most functional for my room. Here are some images of my current space!



I love a white wall with a dark hardwood floor. I chose to keep the walls, curtains, and other items (my chest of drawers, desk, bedding) white because I think it makes a great backdrop for accents in the room. This way, I could place a hunter green settee in my room without it looking too overwhelming! I love this green settee and think it adds a perfect pop of color to my bedroom. It’s an antique my parents had had in the garage for years, and now it’s finally in the spotlight! I love to sit on it while writing blog posts or reading, and it’s a great place for people to sit when they come over. 




I wanted my desk area to be two things: simple and chic. I like a clean space, especially when I’m going to spend time doing work there. For the surface of the desk, I keep a gold and white desk lamp, notepad filled with to-do lists, and a simple vase with flowers. I also keep my leopard makeup bag on my desk, because why not?! Leopard prints always look cute. 


For my gallery wall, I just wanted a few images that I truly loved and that I thought would pull my bare walls together nicely. I opted for some cute Pinterest pictures mixed in with a few personal pictures as well, and made sure to place the frames in a not-so-even fashion on my walls. 




My favorite part about my room is: my rug! I am in love with the rug (similar) in my room. I found it in the World Market a while back, and have loved it ever since. The World Market has such a great selection of rugs that are both cute and affordable! Back when I was shopping, I found that being in the market for a new rug and being on a budget didn’t really go hand in hand. Thank goodness for this store! Pink is first off, my favorite color, and this crazy patterned print just pulls together the neutral aspects of my room so well. I feel it adds so much style and I will add, it makes an excellent background for shoe photos. 


xx, Hannah 

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Floral Dress

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Floral dresses are one of my favorite pieces to wear. I’m just really drawn to the floral print and any type of dress really. I feel like dresses make you automatically feel a little more fancy and put together, but your outfit is also pretty much finished with one piece! I love how this dress I’m wearing is on the shorter side but balanced with long sleeves, and also that the sleeves have kind of a bell, ruffly shape to them. I also got these shoes on sale at Zara. I love them, even though I was hesitant to get them because I thought they were a bit too crazy at first. Oh, well! I still did and I’m happy with my decision. I feel like they will make a lot of my outfits a lot more interesting. 

dress  / glasses  / lipstick in “bedtime flirt” 

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xx, Hannah 

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The Best of L.A. Restaurants

I’m very grateful to have lived in Los Angeles my entire life, except of course, until I moved to college.  It’s a place full of culture, diversity, palm trees, and amazing weather. I have always felt like anything is possible here, and something about the city is just so motivating and inspirational. On top of everything else, LA has probably the best food scene, ever. Over time, I’ve accumulated a running list of places that I absolutely love and are unlike any other places I’ve visited. Here are some of the best restaurants I’ve been to and what I usually order. 

Canters: A famous jewish deli on Fairfax. This place is open 24/7 and I know I’m going to have a good day if I stop by. I always get a hot corned beef sandwich with a side of Russian dressing – this dressing is simply amazing, and the corned beef is the best I’ve ever had. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.18.06 PMcredit 

Phillipe’s: I’ve loved this place since I was little and it’s been nestled down in Chinatown since 1918. It’s always fun to plan a trip exploring Olvera Street and then stopping by Phillipe’s for a sandwich. I order the beef french dip – their classic sandwich! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.22.32 PMcredit 

El Tepeyac: This place is the definition of a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Honestly, it’s the best classic Mexican food I’ve ever had in my life. I always get the beef taquitos with the mound of guacamole they give you. The guacamole is insane, and the chips and salsa are also to die for.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.55.57 PMcredit 

Bottega Louie: This gem is right in the heart of downtown LA and is truly beautiful. It’s seriously just a great experience visiting the restaurant – the high white ceilings and beautiful molding are so pretty. The pastries in this place never end, and right when you enter you’re greeted by macaron trees everywhere you look. I have ordered the margarita pizza, caesar salad, and lemon ricotta pancakes before. Don’t forget to stop by the bakery section and grab some macarons!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.12.50 PMcredit

Frida: I’ve gone here a ton this summer, and it’s definitely a favorite. My go-to dish here is the carnitas tacos and sangria. Their carnitas are soo good, seriously! Their refried beans are also pretty amazing. I have not had something I don’t like here!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.09.16 PMcredit 

Pinches Tacos: I ate here so much while interning this summer, the ladies that work here have memorized my name and orders I make. I always get either the enchilada plate or the three taco sampler plate (I would get beef or pork tacos). They always give big portions and everything here is delicious. The interiors of all of the different restaurants are super cute as well, many bright colors and tributes to Mexican culture. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.59.11 PMcredit 

Salt and Straw: I have been around this place a lot since I interned near Larchmont Blvd, where this ice cream shop is located. Many people call it the best in the city, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. My favorite flavor is the lavender ice cream!

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Milk: This bakery located off of Beverly Blvd. is ahh-mazing. I first heard about it when girls from work brought some cookies in for everyone. I was then introduced to their famous molasses cookies. They’re seriously the most delicious cookie I’ve ever tried. I’m not even a cookie person! But I love these so much. As pictured above, the blood orange sorbet is also a favorite of mine and perfectly refreshing for a hot LA day. 

xx, Hannah 

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