Favorite Lipstick Shades


 Today I’m going to be talking about my five favorite lipsticks. For some reason these always seem to complement my outfits and give me a boost in my step.


Maybelline’s “Electric Orange” is such a fun color to wear. I was hesitant at first to try it, but this orange shade really does appear more orange-red on the lips and makes any outfit pop. 



Bare Mineral’s Moxie Lipstick in “Fly High” is my absolute favorite shade of pink. This formula is kind of on the thicker side, so I usually blot it with a tissue after I apply it. It’s just the perfect bubblegum pink color!



Revlon’s matte lipstick in “Unapologetic” is probably one of my most used shades. I love how this lipstick comes in a crayon form because it’s super easy to apply! I usually just dot this on my lips and rub them together to create more of a lip stain, but this stuff is build-able too! The color is very flattering on the lips and great for every day. I’m a firm believer that some of the best lipsticks come from the drugstore!



Topshop’s Rio Rio is such a classic. I prefer my red lipsticks to have an orange-tint to them, and this one is the perfect balance of red with a hint of orange in it. 



Last but certainly not least, I’ve been wearing NYX’s Lingerie liquid matte lipstick in “Bedtime Flirt” all the time lately. Not only is the color great and pretty neutral, but this stuff stays on forever! It’s honestly hard to get off even when I’m taking my makeup off at night and I haven’t reapplied it at all during the day. If you’re searching for long lasting lip color, this is the lipstick line for you. 


xx, Hannah

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Frolicking in the Cornfields










Karen Walker Sunglasses, similar here / Zara Top, similar here /  Urban Outfitters Jacket, similar here 

So glad it’s fall! We decided to have a fun fall photo-shoot at this little farm by our school. We’re completely surrounded by cornfields here in Ohio, so why not go running around in them taking pictures? This week has been crazy with a bunch of assignments and midterms so we wanted to do a fun fall activity which ended with a trip to McDonald’s to get soda…oops. 

This season really reminds me how thankful I am to have such great friends. Fall is definitely my favorite season by far (just like every other girl) but I feel like it really is so amazing because there are so many opportunities to do fun things with friends – running through cornfields, pumpkin patches, apple cider, etc. Fall is just such a great time to make memories and I’m so glad I have great people in my life to make memories with  Also, thanks to my boyfriend Andrew for taking these photos! 

xx, Hannah 

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