Looking Back…

I apologize ahead of time because this is going to be a very, very long post! These are all some of my favorite pictures from the past four years and in them are people I love to death and memories I’m so thankful for. 

♡Julia, Emma, and I freshman year 

♡We loved going to hockey games freshman year!

♡Freshman year walk across cook field…I was a graphic design major at the time and had to lug my huge portfolio bag across the field before 8 am most mornings haha, it was horrible! I constantly was asking myself what am I doing with my life?!  The art classes I was in were so hard and just too early in the morning. 

♡Bridget and I at Brick Street 🙂 

♡ Me with Andrew’s little sister, Hannah. This was around Thanksgiving 🙂

♡This was for Andrew’s holiday dance freshman year. I loved his Santa suspenders 🙂 

♡Two of my amazing Chi O sisters, Casey and Liz. This was right when we got into Chi Omega, it was such an exciting time! 

♡My Chi O family!!

♡Me with some great girls: Julia, Sarah, and Bridget. 

♡Such a cute little store in Annapolis, Maryland. Julia was so sweet to invite me to stay with her over spring break and I was excited to explore Maryland + Washington D.C.! 

♡My first formal for Chi O! This dance is one of my favorite memories from college, I took Andrew and we went to the aquarium in Cincinnati. It was so fun being around all of my new friends and all the fun fish tanks!

♡My big in my sorority, Hanna! Absolutely love her, she has the best style and is currently running around New York City being successful, I miss her! 

♡Julia, Sarah, and I out freshman year. 

♡Casey and I at Fiesta Charra for Cinco de Chi-O!

♡Will always be thankful for all of the wonderful people I met in Dennison Hall

♡Andrew’s graduation from high school. He’s so cute and I was proud. 

♡My best friend, Jenicka and I in her blue bug (named Lola). Seriously it’s so fun to drive around in her car with the top down, she even decorates the inside with flowers. 

 ♡Absolutely love this picture of my friends!

 ♡ Out with Sarah!

♡My residents back when I was an RA in Hepburn Hall! All of these girls are out there doing amazing things now. 

♡Love him! 

♡RA buddies Laylaa and Kelsey 

♡Love em 

♡With Andrew in Chicago. Throughout college, we’ve been able to visit so many places together – we’ve gone all around Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Mexico together. It has been so fun so far 

 ♡Casey, Riley, Sarah, Tessa, Liz (Big Hair Diva), and Julia. Miss times like these!

 ♡Meet Kelly, one of the most inspiring people. She was my rush crush during recruitment and I love her!

 ♡With Casey at bid day, I love our loafers, cheetah print and sparkles!

 ♡The Abe Lincoln monument is my favorite location in D.C.

 ♡With Andrew and his dad Bill! Why was I so blonde?!

♡With Casey and Laylaa, two of the sweetest girls you’ll meet. 

 ♡With my amazing little, Megan! So glad that Chi O brought us together, she is the best!

♡My cute lil Chi O Family – now I’m a great grandma, which is pretty weird. 

 ♡One of my favorite pictures of me and Andrew, it accurately describes our relationship. We are very cuddly, and love to go eat at restaurants when we’re together, haha!

 ♡One of the cutest boutiques in Oxford, Lane and Kate was having a back to school photoshoot involving a pink couch, so of course Julia and I stopped to get pictures!

 ♡At Cobblestone church with Casey! This skirt is a little crazy and not something I’d usually wear, but it’s fun haha 🙂

 ♡The McGuffey’s – so much love for this family. They have been my second family throughout college, and I love them all so much. 

 ♡ Me as Flo, and Andrew as Tiger Woods. Not so sure he was planning on being TW, but it worked 🙂

 ♡At the Dayton Raquet club! Such a fun place to go at night since there are such good views of the city. 

 ♡Posing for our Christmas card we sent out junior year. Yay for striped pajamas!


 ♡My friend Juliana’s 21st birthday

 ♡Getting margaritas with Jenicka for my 21st birthday!!

♡On a cruise to Mexico with Andrew’s family. This was such a fun trip! We took off in San Francisco and got to visit Las Calitas, Mazatlan, Manzanillo, and Cabo San Lucas. Andrew is fun to travel with and I loved taking fun pictures with him 🙂

♡Will never forget when that guy hacked open a coconut with a machete for our drink/when we held a python, hawk, monkey, and kissed a parrot all in a day. Also, can’t beat the Mexican food in Las Calitas. 

 ♡Exploring in Mazatlan

 ♡In Cabo!

 ♡Loved visiting the Full House houses

 ♡Our trip to NYC! We stayed with Andrew’s aunt and uncle in Brooklyn and saw a majority of the city. It was so tiring, but so fun! Such an exciting place, central park was definitely my favorite. 

♡Junior year Chi O formal 

♡Summer Internship at PR Consulting: such an awesome experience interning for this PR office in LA. The ladies I worked with were wonderful and so, so helpful! Forever grateful for this internship!

 ♡With Thalia, I met her at my internship this summer and now she’s off working at Revolve. I remember having laugh attacks when trying to order these weird stamps and once we even ran into Dave Franco when out shopping. Never a dull moment haha!

 ♡With my mom at the Paul Smith wall in Los Angeles. 

♡Gettin’ a burger with my dad at Republiqué 

 ♡With Diane, my favorite employee at the Apple Tree, she is the absolute cutest!!

 ♡Jungle themed date party!

 ♡One of my favorite memories so far, we decided the day of to go to the Kanye West concert in Columbus and it was probably my favorite concert I’ve ever been to, he was so good! We got Cane’s after, such a good night.

♡Frolicking in cornfields 

 ♡Chi O Semi Formal 

 ♡Christmas morning with Andrew

 ♡ Exploring Joshua Tree with Andrew, we climbed so many rocks and I did so in wedges – nothing can stop me from climbing haha! I loved exploring and just being out in nature with you in one of the most serene and beautiful places in California. 

 ♡Our last recruitment!! Liz was the best recruitment chair!!

 ♡Church with these lovely girls!

 ♡Out for my friend Hannah’s birthday with Paige, Juliana, Hannah and Casey! We love tini tuesdays, $5 martinis! The flirtini is probably my favorite drink in Oxford. Going to this bar always makes us feel fancy 

♡Love nights out with this girl!

 ♡Gobs of tulle for an outfit in my collection, Mademoiselle. I think I got almost 30 yards for the one outfit…

 ♡Out with my fave ladies for Green Beer Day!

 ♡In my happy place

 ♡Had dinner this night at the Don Cesar, an all pink hotel, it was soo good!!

♡Shopping adventures with Mandy – one of the sweetest people on planet Earth!

 ♡Visit to the Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, such a cool place. We played corn hole and I got a rosé bubbly cider. 

 ♡With Liz, Dean, Danielle and Andrew drinking at the brewery!

 ♡Any day spent with this gem is a great day!

 ♡Andrew and I with our Long Island and Redskin drinks at side bar. 

 ♡ Absolutely love this girl. She’s so fabulous in every way. 

♡Always grateful for this guy. 


To Andrew: You’re the most special person I’ve ever met. I love  all of our conversations,  cuddles, all the places we’ve traveled to, and of course our fun food dates. You’re very creative, witty, stylish and compassionate and on top of that you have such a big heart! I know you are going to do great things and you are never going to be mediocre. You will achieve a lot and live a full life because you’re a special one 🙂 You’re my best friend and I’m looking forward to making many more memories with you. 

To  Laylaa: Remember me when you become president, haha! You are an awesome girl – driven, professional, sweet, caring, non-judgmental, and super funny. You are going to be such a great teacher in the next few years and I know you’re going to achieve so much. Thank you for being the best, always. You are also the best running partner 🙂

To Casey: I remember meeting you and thinking wow, she is so pretty, fun, and put together all the time. You really are – so motivated and professional! I know you’ll do great in your position at L Brands. I love to come over and watch the bachelor, go to church together, and just have great life conversations. You always have the best advice and are so well-rounded and adorable. 

To Julia: You were one of the first people I met at Miami and became friends with. I immediately thought we’d be best friends and loved your outgoing personality. From Dennison to No RAgrets, we’ve made so many memories together. I’ve loved exploring your hometown and meeting all of your lovely friends and family from back home, and your parents are so fun and have been so welcoming. So thankful for you!

To Sarah: I remember first meeting you in Dennison when I followed your parents in the hallway because they had your pugs with them. Of course I chased after them and ended up at your room. Love thinking back on all of our apartment memories and crazy 90’s nights together! I know you’ll be amazing in your new role at PWC and it’s so awesome you’re getting your Masters too 🙂 

To Liz: Big Hair Diva!! You’re one of the most chill and funny people ever. You’re also so unique in your style and I appreciate your love for glitter. You juggle a million things at once and always look great even on your busiest days. You’ve been such a great recruitment chair for Chi O and design director for MUFD. I know your collection is going to be amazing and I can’t wait for it to start the fashion show with Kanye playing in the background!! From the oompa loompa song to that creepy country song you and Dean introduced me to, life with you is never boring. 🙂 

To Bridget: My Maine girl, haha. You are so bright and uplifting and sweet. So glad that we got to know each other freshman year and that we still live quite close. I seriously can’t believe how much we randomly run into each other!! You’re a very hard worker and I know you’ll probably have a ton of grad school options and be at your dream school in Boston soon 🙂

To Hanna: My lovely BIG! We are so similar in our fashion taste, love for french bulldogs/sloths, and all of the cute bloggers we follow. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. You are living the dream, working for Draper James and killing it in NYC, I am so proud of you and I love you!

To Megan: Love you so much my perfect little! You are amazingly bright and you’re going to be the best gynecologist/obstetrician someday 🙂

To Isabelle: I love you, my spunky, smart grand little! I appreciate your love for German Shepherds and I will never forget being with you, Megan, and your mom in Bruno’s and waving around incense sticks – too funny. 

To Jenicka: My first friend and best friend to this day. You are the cutest most unique girl! I love how we have the same sense of humor (Kicking and Screaming, She’s the Man, etc.) and we literally have countless funny memories together. All we do is laugh when we hangout and I love that about us. Whether it’s driving around in your bug, LOLing at all of our old church camp memories, running (dying) on the beach, shopping, going to see Judah Smith preach the truth, or going out for tacos, you are my favorite California girl. 

To Danielle: So glad to know you, your love for Jesus is addicting and inspiring. We share a love for Mexican Riviera, Youtube, and our Yogurt-land runs, and I can’t wait to do that more with you 🙂 You are cute, sweet, and perfectly you!

To my residents: I loved being your RA. You guys were so sweet and I appreciate that you went to the events that I planned for you 🙂 I hope I welcomed you and that you had a positive freshman year. I know you will all go out and do great things. 

To Kelsey: You do it all, girl. You work so hard and you’re so involved. You’re killing it as vice president of MUFD and all of your effort is paying off because I know the show is going to be AMAZING! You are so fabulous and stylish always, and I will always relate to you based on our shared love of the color pink. 

To Riley: I loved getting to know you during our first year at Miami. You were so sweet and easy to talk to, and I was always amazed at how great you were about working out all the time, haha! 

To Tessa: I remember the first time you tutored me in Calculus and you put up with my whining about how scared I was about taking the class, haha! Thank you for that, you definitely gave me confidence in the course. You’re super fun to hangout with and I know you’re going to accomplish so much post-graduation!!

(To the McGuffeys) Love you all ♡

Bill: You’re literally the sweetest. I love all our conversations we have and I so greatly appreciate all you’ve done for me these past four years of college! You made Ohio feel like home for me 🙂 

Joanna: You are such a driven, stylish, and unique person! You’re a go-getter with all of your businesses and do everything with grace. I love that we have similar style and looking through your Pinterest boards always makes me happy. I hope someday we really do have a fashion company together 🙂 You’ve been more than welcoming the entire time I’ve known you and have always loved me no matter what! I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so welcomed in your family. 

Nathan: You are so sweet and polite all the time. I seriously can’t believe you’re almost graduated from high school and driving around on your own now, that is so crazy to me. Also, your pictures from the dance you just went to are the cutest.

Joe: You are a funny guy to say the least. You’re so energetic and so driven with all of your music involvement at school! Can’t believe you’re so grown up now. 

Hannah: You’re the cutest ballerina ever. I’ve loved watching you grow up so far and become the sweetest girl. I remember meeting you and you were so little!! And now you’re a little lady, its amazing. I love talking to you and watching your Nutcracker performances. 

General: You’re the sweetest dog, I just can’t be unhappy around you – you’re just the cutest polar bear dog, ever. 

To Juliana: You’re so fun and upbeat and I love the memories we’ve made in college together. I know you will take NYC by storm and be so fabulous in whatever you end up doing after college 🙂 

To Hannah Jolly: I’ve had so much fun getting to know you through our bachelor hangout/study/make fun of Nick nights. You’re so talented at modeling and are just sweet and jolly 24/7, seriously your name fits you perfectly 🙂 Love ya!

To Diane: Ugh, Diane. You’re the gem of the Apple Tree. I absolutely love you and all of our funny conversations we’ve had. You’re truly one in a million and literally everyone considers you to be their family. Oxford would not be the same without you. 

To Mandy: You’re the best manager, ever. You are so stinkin’ cute and sweet and easy to talk to! I feel like you’ve been at the Apple Tree for years and yet you just started a few months ago, it’s crazy! I love hearing your fun stories and you always wear the cutest outfits. We need to go shopping together more often, you’re so fun to hang out with – at work and outside of work!!

To Mom and Dad: It’s because of you guys that I met all of these people and I cannot thank you enough for sacrificing what you have for me so that I could get a college education and make some of the best memories of my life. I can’t believe that this part of my life is almost over, but I’m so excited to see where I go from here. Love you so much!!


xx, Hannah


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What Makes Me Smile


Lol, me peacin’ out of college soon…yay! I’m a little scared about the future not gonna lie, but I’m still excited to graduate because I know there are so many good things to look forward to. Just trying to live it up right now and do as much as possible at school and with friends 🙂 Can’t believe graduation is about a month and a half away and also can’t wait for my sorority formal this weekend!! 


This bedroom is amazing ~ especially since it has red and pink accents, haha. 


Loving the white! One of my friends is designing an all white collection for the upcoming fashion show at school and I know it will be amazing! 


Rihanna always kills it, especially in pink!


So good to remember! I have so many dreams/ideas/things I want to do in the future and this will be such an exciting year. I’ve learned it’s important to have people around you that support you and want to see you succeed doing what you love. One of my favorite pastors Carl Lentz once said that if people don’t laugh at your dreams, they’re not big enough and you need to make larger goals. I totally agree!


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