Recent Beauty Inspiration

Taylor Hill

This romantic look is perfect for fall! I love how effortless it looks…a simple cat eye with some blush and a pink lip


Amber Fillerup 

Amber from Barefoot Blonde always has the best makeup looks! I’m loving rosy pink lip tones as of lately


Margo & Me 

Jenny from Margo & me is the epitome of glamour – this literally looks like something out of Vogue. I love this cat eye + dramatic lip for a fancy night out


Gigi Hadid 

I don’t know if I’d ever get bangs (my mom scarred me with cutting straight across bangs all the time when I was little), but these bangs + bun looks so cute


Taylor Hill 

Love this look for the holidays – red lips and a cat eye are always a go-to Christmas day look 

xx, Hannah 

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Favorite Lipstick Shades


 Today I’m going to be talking about my five favorite lipsticks. For some reason these always seem to complement my outfits and give me a boost in my step.


Maybelline’s “Electric Orange” is such a fun color to wear. I was hesitant at first to try it, but this orange shade really does appear more orange-red on the lips and makes any outfit pop. 



Bare Mineral’s Moxie Lipstick in “Fly High” is my absolute favorite shade of pink. This formula is kind of on the thicker side, so I usually blot it with a tissue after I apply it. It’s just the perfect bubblegum pink color!



Revlon’s matte lipstick in “Unapologetic” is probably one of my most used shades. I love how this lipstick comes in a crayon form because it’s super easy to apply! I usually just dot this on my lips and rub them together to create more of a lip stain, but this stuff is build-able too! The color is very flattering on the lips and great for every day. I’m a firm believer that some of the best lipsticks come from the drugstore!



Topshop’s Rio Rio is such a classic. I prefer my red lipsticks to have an orange-tint to them, and this one is the perfect balance of red with a hint of orange in it. 



Last but certainly not least, I’ve been wearing NYX’s Lingerie liquid matte lipstick in “Bedtime Flirt” all the time lately. Not only is the color great and pretty neutral, but this stuff stays on forever! It’s honestly hard to get off even when I’m taking my makeup off at night and I haven’t reapplied it at all during the day. If you’re searching for long lasting lip color, this is the lipstick line for you. 


xx, Hannah

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My Beauty Rules


Most girls have some kind of opinion/relationship with makeup and beauty. Some absolutely love it, while others are anti-anything put onto the face. While I love makeup, I think that everyone should follow their own set of beauty rules that make them feel their absolute best. I personally like to think of makeup as something that should enhance your features instead of hiding them. Here are some of the rules and tips that I try to live by. 


  1. Natural is usually best, but balance is always important: As I said above, I love a natural look, but understand that makeup is meant to be fun as well. I do love a glittery eye and a crazy lip color now and then. BUT, it’s always important to balance out the face and not over-do it unless it’s Halloween or something. For example, if you do a smoky eye, wear a nude lip. Vice versa, if you’re wearing a bright lip color, go for a nude eyeshadow or winged eyeliner at most. 
  2. There are non-negotiable rules: if you want nice skin, there are some “musts” to follow. Always wash your face at night. No matter what. Also, wear SPF every day. Every. Single. Day. 
  3. Lay off the hair straightener: I seriously wish i followed this more often in my middle school years. Try to use heat on your hair as little as possible and when you do, use a heat protectant spray! As a solution, look to Pinterest or Youtube for no heat hairstyles. There are so many cute ones, from high braided pony tails to milk maid braids. 
  4. Don’t overdo the eyebrows: Try to find a realistic shade when filling in your brows, making sure it isn’t too light or dark. Also, while filling over the brow lines a little is okay, make sure not to overdraw them like a crazy woman! Natural is always the best for brows. 
  5. Sometimes the little details are most important: I’ve found that using a primer with SPF is both beneficial for the health of my skin and the quality of my finished foundation look. I used to completely overlook primers, running only towards the fun eyeshadows and mascaras. Also, find the application tool that works best for you. For me, it’s brushes. I like the Sephora brand brushes and use the #46 for foundation and #91 for pressed powder. The quality of the brushes can greatly impact the overall makeup look!


  1. Sugar: Before shaving my legs, I’ve found that sugar in the bathtub works just as well (or better) than most types of exfoliating shower masks. It’s super easy and affordable. 
  2. Foundation: After putting some liquid foundation onto a brush or sponge, dot it in the middle of the face and blend outwards for an even application. Also, it helps to apply some foundation to the neck and ears in order to get rid of any lines. 
  3. Powder: Apply powder after bronzer/blush/highlighter. I find that using a powder after sets everything quite nicely, and also tones down any colors that might overwhelm the face.
  4. Eyebrows: Apply clear mascara over brows to set them, and then use an eyeshadow and angled brush to easily fill them in. The mascara completely holds them in place and makes the color application super easy. 
  5. Lipstick: Use a tissue or paper towel to blot lipstick after applying it. This sort of turns it into more of a stain, than a lipstick. This works for lipsticks that seem way too clumpy and thick, when I still want to achieve a certain color. 

xx, Hannah

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