College Bedroom






Here are some pictures of my current room at college. My room is really small, but it’s cozy and I make it work! I tried to keep my room as simple as possible and so that it includes only the necessary items that I need. Since my room lacks a regular desk, I mostly do my homework out in the living room area of my apartment. 

My favorite part of the room is definitely my bed. I love all of the blankets and pillows on it, and how it really makes my room pop. I got my actual bedding from PB Teen and the pillows from H&M/Home Goods and the bedding was actually designed by Current & Elliott for Pottery Barn – they are two amazing designers and I absolutely love my bedspread. Hope you all are having a great week!

xx, Hannah 

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How to Create a Room Vibe

I am someone that is obsessed with home decor – as if you couldn’t already tell! I love my room and it’s my favorite place to relax or do work in my house. My room is kind of a bedroom, a sitting area, and a mini closet, but I just think any type of bedroom should be as calming and inviting as possible, especially since this is the place where you sleep! It’s always best in my opinion, when a room has a certain “vibe” or style to it, that way everything from furniture to color to decor, flows nicely together. Here’s some of my thoughts on how to create/how I created a vibe for my room.

When decorating a room, I first like to think of it as completely empty – no color, nothing. I then think of the type of color palette I want and what color the curtains will be. For my room, I knew I wanted white walls with white curtains.

I think it’s best to figure out your personal style and then think of what you essentially need for the room. When it comes to mine, I’d like to say its something along the lines of: feminine, pink, white with pops of color, a little bit of french and a little bit of bohemian/California inspiration. I also know that I love dark hardwood floors with white walls and molding. I look to Pinterest and consistently add to my ‘My Future Home’ board whenever i see something that I love. As far as what I need in my room, I know I needed a bed, desk, dresser, a place to store my clothes and shoes, and some piece of furniture to take up the leftover blank wall in my room. After you know what you like + what you need, you’ve covered the essentials and are off to a great start. 


After you have furniture/if you’re starting from this step already, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! I then usually look to see what I can add to the room. I knew that I wanted a fun rug, a pretty gallery wall, a clothing rack, and a neutral-ish bed. For my bed, I opted for a fuzzy sparkly brown throw blanket, a detailed navy pillow, and a white duvet. I used a clothing rack to fill up an awkward space in my room, found an amazing pink multicolored rug, and purchased mis-matched frames and added my favorite pictures to them.

IMG_4809My crazy cat, Oliver^

For other finishing touches around my room, I tried to be fun with the decor, but still keep in mind that balance is important. It’s so easy to go completely crazy with decorating a room and when you’re shopping or internet surfing you really realize how much cute decor there really is out there – I feel like I like too much at times. But – you really need to remember what is going to truly work with the room and that clutter is never cute! 

A few examples of “finishing touches” in my room include a glass holder for my lipsticks that I display, some coffee table books, a gold & white lamp + flowers + to-do list for my desk, and a faux sheepskin throw and pillow for my settee and another throw for my desk chair. I felt at this point like my room had enough balance and I was finished with the decorating part. 


Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact on a room. Even though my room has a pretty neutral background, I feel like there are  many gallery wall pictures and colors here and there that make it come to life!

Happy decorating!


xx, Hannah 

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