Fashion Show Part 2

Location: Oxford, Ohio 

Photo credits: Asha Caraballo, Douglas Chan, Madison Krell, Shuo Han 

Here are some actual runway pictures from the show last Saturday. I was initially very scared to design for the show. What if I was a total failure at sewing? What if I didn’t have enough time to finish? What if my pieces turned out looking horribly wrong or didn’t even fit the models?  I also knew that it would be SO worth it to finally walk down the runway, so I decided to just go for it. If I have learned anything from being in college it is to take some chances and just run towards things that might scare you a little. I’ve never been okay with just staying inside of my comfort zone, and I don’t want to live my life too afraid to take risks and run toward tasks that might seem like a stretch for me. I worked hard to finish most of my collection this past winter when I was out of school, and since then I’ve made some tweaks here and there, adding my last tulle ball-gown piece to end the collection, and hand sewing all of the sequins onto the blue dress (literally just sewed them all in the car ride to and from spring break). I really wanted this collection to encapsulate everything that I love: femininity, light and pretty colors, and fun textures. I wanted the clothes to be what you would wear out on a fancy night and I love how all of the pieces turned out. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!  Also, kudos to all six of my amazing models, they killed the show and I am so proud of them all!

I want to be passionate and not just be mediocre. This semester I made it my goal to design for the show, run a half marathon, and keep up with my blog consistently. None of these things are really comfortable. Designing for the show took a lot of work, running can be quite painful at times / I would not consider myself a natural athlete (lol), and blogging can also be tough. I love it, but it is hard to make it a priority on top of other obligations. People might think its stupid or a waste of time or just might not understand it. I’ve learned to just brush off rude comments or ignore when people mock my blog because at the end of the day, I’m happy and I’m doing what I love – I want to encourage everyone to go out and chase after what you love. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ignore meaningless judgment. ♡


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